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About Aftering

Sweet yet raunchy, 'Aftering' is a comedy following a post-divorce millennial woman and the fairy that lights her path to self-love. It’s Broad City meets Mary Poppins—if MP was a fan of masturbation and cheese puffs. It's laughter, glitter, and catharsis all rolled into one. Watch our trailer below.

Fall in love. Get Married. Get Divorced. Fall In Love With Yourself. Thank God There’s A Divorce Fairy To Help.

Meet Dawn

Dawn seems put together but is actually dealing with repressed fears and a lack of identity outside her marriage: which just officially ended.


Meet Astrid

Astrid is a Divorce Fairy, and she literally appears out of thin air to f*ck things up and ultimately help Dawn heal, find her voice, and not just accept but LOVE her new life.

Meet The Creators


This great platonic love story began the way all great Los Angeles love stories do - in acting class. 

Hilary had just gotten divorced (She's fine! Never better! Yes, that is young! Thanks for asking!) and Ashley had been dating (not too much, not that there is a too much, but she is trying mom...really).

ANYWAY, the point is that they bonded around being single, but they also had completely different perspectives and experiences around relationships. One day, Hilary (the divorced one) was walking her dog and she had an idea about how to tell her story in a way that was still funny and sweet and magical, and she asked Ashley (the one on Tinder/Hinge/Bumble) to make it with her, and they spent the next year writing, eating cookies, working through the occasional identity crisis, and becoming creative soul mates. 


Hilary Bryant

is an actor, writer, and producer who spent a lot of money pursuing a very serious theatre degree to promptly say “Nevermind all that! HOLLYWOOD, BABY!” Since moving to LA five years ago, she has worked both in front of and behind the camera, and has co-produced and co-written several projects LIKE: a parody music video about the perils of monogamy (“Monogamous Relationship”), a comedic web series about dating and military PTSD (“Love and War”) and most recently a sweet little short film about messy love connection (“Walk of Shame”).


Ashley Rowe

is an actor, writer, producer, and artist who doesn’t get much sleep. Originally from North Carolina, she got rid of her accent when she was nine and is proud of it. If you have obscure tastes you’ve seen her in many things including Lifetime Movie Network’s “My Crazy Ex” as well as the recent theatrical show “Threads.” Along with Hilary, she produces and hosts a monthly variety show called “Cereal Bowl” where she snacks, jokes, and shares co-dependent stories about her dog Kevin.