Fall in Love. Get Married. Get Divorced. Fall In Love With Yourself. Thank God There Is A Fairy To Help.

It’s the day she receives her finalized divorce papers that Dawn realizes she has absolutely no idea what to do. She has spent her entire 20s in a serious relationship and now she is staring down the barrel of being alone for the first time in her adult life.

Enter Astrid. A Divorce Fairy. Covered in glitter and armed with lollipops, Astrid’s only mission is to help Dawn move into the next phase of her life after the ring.



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Hilary Bryant

is an actress, writer, and morning person. Having received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and Directing from Sam Houston State University, she now lives in Echo Park with her dog Maizy.

Ashley Rowe

is an actress, writer, visual artist, and list maker. Having received her Bachelor of Arts in Acting and Studio Art at UNC-Wilmington, she now lives in Miracle Mile with her garden gnome Alfred.